Baby Mermaid

Hi lovely people. Guess what?

Actual crochet has been happening at my place!!!

I know, probably doesn’t seem very exciting for a crochet blog but it’s been awhile since I crocheted anything as I’ve been so busy getting VK Yarns up and running. But now my first collection is dyed and up for sale (shop here if you’re interested – opens in new tab) I have a bit more free time and this adorable baby mermaid was begging to be made.

My baby mermaid swimming and sun baking at Yarn Beach.
Beach made from VK Yarns tonals in 4ply cotton.

My wonderful friend and neighbour Sarah found the pattern on Hobbii’s website along with the unicorn shown and a super cute dragon she’s making now. Don’t worry, I’ll link to all of them below.

She made the unicorn with some of my hand dyed 8ply cotton in Summer Rainbow and it’s very cool the way it micro striped in the small parts and pooled in the larger sections. Dirk the Dragon is already coming along nicely in Summer Nights with awesome little splashes of sunset colours amongst the dark blue. I will share pics of him as soon as he is finished.

Here you can see the colours pooling on the body and micro striping on the arms.

For me though, it had to the mermaid the moment I saw her. Plus she is nice and small so I could get a hit of finished object satisfaction pretty quickly.

When it came time to pick my yarn, I had to use my Mermaid coloured yarn and I love the subtle shifts of colour throughout the tail and her hair. Speaking of her hair, how cute is the side part fringe!

I made a couple of alterations to the pattern (detailed below) but otherwise followed the pattern as written. I changed the tail and only used one colour for the tail and hair. I also added an extra stitch to her bikini top to compensate for the thinner yarn. Then I had fun playing and did a photoshoot.

Isn’t she awesome?!?

Close ups of the tail and hair with an overview of the baby mermaid.

So here are the details.

Baby Mermaid


Yarn: Skin – Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK in Light Caramel (this was closest colour I had on hand to my own skin tone, you can of course pick any colour you like. It is also thicker than the other yarn I used. If you have the colours in the same thickness, I’d recommend doing that instead!) –
Tail and Hair – VK Yarns 4ply cotton in Mermaid –
Bikini top – VK Yarns 4ply cotton in Summer Rainbow –

Hook: 2.75mm / C (this was tight with the DK yarn but perfect with the 4ply/fingering weight).

Tutorial: Invisible Decrease – photo tutorial by All About Ami here (opens in new tab) and video tutorial by Planet June here (opens in new tab).


I followed the instructions as written up to the end of R35; without the colour changes in the tail. I worked in a spiral with no joins and used the invisible decrease for decreases.
If I make another baby mermaid I would end R22 with a slip stitch or invisible join and then work R23 in the tail colour so I don’t get that jog with the colour change. As you don’t need the skin colour again this wouldn’t add any extra work.

Tail alteration – US crochet terms.
R36: Ch 6, sl st into the 3rd ch from the hook to create a picot on top of a ch 3,
tr/dc tog in first 2 sts (tr in same st as the ch 6 and dc in the next st),
ch 2, sl st in next 2 sts,
ch 2, dc/tr tog over next 2 sts (dc first this time),
ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook (picot made),
ch 3, sl st in same st as tr (last st).
Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Bikini alteration
I added an extra dc.
R1: In MR, (ch 3, 2dc, ch 3, sl st) x 2.
I also used the loose yarn ends to create straps for the bikini top as well as for sewing the top on.

I embroidered the eyes because I didn’t have safety eyes.

I make the hair as per the pattern but all in one colour.

Closeups of the unicorn and baby mermaid faces.



Yarn: body – VK Yarns 8ply cotton in Summer Rainbow –
horn – VK Yarns 8 ply cotton in Summer Rainbow with a metallic pink and holographic thread for shimmer.
mane – Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply cotton in pink (a discontinued colour that I can’t remember the name of – sorry)

Hook: 3mm for body and 2mm for horn and mane.

Dirk the Dragon


Yarn: VK Yarns 8ply cotton in Summer Nights –

Hook: 3mm

Pics to come when he is finished!

Have you ever used hand dyed yarn for amigurumi? Or maybe a variegated yarn?

Bye! Have a beautiful day xxx