Crochet Pouch Tutorial.

Wow! I did not expect my little earbud pouch to be so popular.

Seriously, you guys are blowing my mind with the love for it 💕🤯 💕

So to say thank you I have whipped up a really quick tutorial for the pouch. Plus I’ve given you some pointers for how to adapt it for squares with different stitch counts.

Oh and before I continue, the square pattern I used for the original pouch is by the wonderful Celine of @crafty_cc and you can get her beautiful pattern on her blog.

The square I am using for this tutorial is my Tiny Star Square, available on Etsy, Ravelry and Love Crochet.

Both of these squares, and 98 others amazing squares, will be available later this year in the Ultimate Granny Square Source Book.

If you’d like to be the first to be notified about the release of the book, head on over here!

So on to the fun part…

Crochet Pouch Tutorial

What you will need.

  • A crochet square. For this one I am using my Tiny Star Square pattern which ends with a final stitch count of 112 sts. You can use any square you like and I have included how to adjust the pouch pattern to accomodate different stitch counts.
  • Crochet hook to match your yarn and square. I used a 4mm (G) hook.
  • Yarn to match your square. I used Paintbox Cotton DK in Seville Orange.
  • A button. Go through your button collection or make a crochet button! My button for the Rainbow Puff Square was crocheted using a tutorial I found on Pinterest and I used a 20mm (3/4in) pink button from my stash for the Tiny Star Square pouch.
  • Yarn needle, 2 stitch markers or safety pins and scissors.

How to turn your square into a pouch.

  1. Lay your square wrong side up on a flat surface. Fold up one corner towards the centre, then fold the corner to the right towards the centre and use a stitch marker or safety pin to hold them together. Repeat with the corner to the left of the first one. This makes the pouch shape. The corner left unfolded will become the flap.

2. Turn your pouch inside out. You will be crocheting along the edges where the folded flaps meet, starting on the right bottom corner, up to the the centre where all 3 flaps meet and down to the left bottom corner.

3. With a slip knot on your hook, insert your hook through the front loops (the ones on the side facing you) of the 2 stitches in the bottom right corner. These 2 stitches would be the middle 2 stitches of your square before we folded it into a pouch. *see note below.

Yo and pull a loop through both sts, yo and finish your first sc.

Sc in the flo of the next pair of sts.

Sc in the flo of the next 12 pairs of sts.

You will now be in the centre where the 3 flaps meet.

(14 scs)

*Note: My square has 28 sts per side. 28 divided by 2 = 14 so I counted down 14 sts from the corner on each side of the where we are joining to make sure I was in the exact centre.

If your square has a different stitch count, simply divide the number of stitches along 1 side by 2 to find your centre.

Eg. 30 / 2 = 15 so count down 15 stitches on either side.

20 / 2 = 10 so count down 10 sts on either side.

4. Sc in the flo of the next st of the middle flap and the corresponding st in the corner of the flap on the left.

Sc in the flo of the next 13 pairs of sts.

You will now be in the bottom left corner and your final sc should be in the last 2 sts.

Cut your yarn and weave in your ends.

(14 scs)

You can now turn your work back the right way out!

5. With a slip knot on your hook, insert your hook through the blo of the same st as the beginning of the join on the left of the centre flap.

*If you prefer you can do all of this part through both loops as the blo is purely decorative here.

Yo, pull up a loop and complete the first sc.

Sc in the blo of the next st (this will be same st as the beginning of the join on the left flap).

Sc in the blo of the next 27 sts. *if your square has a different stitch count it will be however many sts are on 1 side of your square minus 1. Essentially we are crocheting up to the corner of the flap that will close our pouch.

Sc through both loops of the next st (this is the last st on this side of the square).

(30 scs)

6. We are now going to make the loop for the button hole. You will need to make this the right size for your button so make the loop then test it. If it’s too big take out a couple of chains. If it’s too small add as many as necessary.

Ch 7 (or as many as you need)

Sc in the next st.

Sc in the blo of the next 27 sts.

Sc in the blo of the next 2 sts (these will be the 2 sts you crocheted into for the right hand side of the join).

You should now be back where you started.

Cut yarn and join to the first sc with an invisible join but don’t weave in ends yet. Tie a reef knot in the ends though.

(1 ch 7 loop, 30 scs)

7. We are now going to add the button using one of the yarn tails.

First work out where you want the button to go.

Using a yarn needle, on the inside of the pouch weave the yarn down through the back of the sts to where you want your button.

Pass the yarn through the sts to the outside and sew on your button.

Check the button is in the best position to close your pouch then secure the yarn end to keep the button in place. I did this by tying the end I used for the button with the other yarn end in a reef knot again before weaving in the ends.

And that’s it, you’re done!

As you can see the pouch I made today is bigger than the original pouch I made for my ear buds. This is due to the fact that the yarn I used for the earbud pouch (Yarn and Colors Must Have) is a lighter weight yarn and therefore my square was smaller.

The 2 squares were the following sizes in their pre pouch form (flat – I could have just said flat 😂).

Rainbow Puff Square in 4ply / Fingering weight yarn: approx. 14cms (5 1/2in)

Tiny Star Square in 8plyn/ DK weight yarn: approx. 17cms (6 3/4in)

I will be putting all of this into a PDF which will be available for purchase for anyone who prefers to print out their patterns. As soon as it is ready I will pop a link here.

If you do make a pouch I would love to see it, so send me a message, email or tag me online so I can send some love your way 💕

Now all that’s left to do is decide what you want to use your pouch for!

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  1. Amazing!
    Eu vi no seu Instagram e corri para ver o post com o tutorial! Eu salvei no Pinterest pra não perder essa sua arte! Parabéns e muito obrigada por compartilhar!!!

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