So, what is creativity?

Well I’m going to start in a not so creative manner - a dictionary definition - but I think I can get away with it as an English and Italian teacher who has (and uses) a dictionary app on the home screen on my phone!

Create: to cause to exist, bring into being.

Creative: having the ability or power to create. Characterised by originality and expressiveness, imaginative. 

Creativity: the process of using creative ability, the state or quality of being creative.

These are powerful definitions. I especially love “power to create” and “bring into being”.
It feels like creativity is a super power when you put it like that!

Musée du Louvre in Paris. The world's largest museum and home to many wonderful examples of human creativity.

And this quality, this process is not simply confined to artistic creation - it is a way of thinking, of approaching the world and helping to solve problems, it is one of those things that make humans amazing - and as such I believe it is valuable to learn about, understand and promote in ourselves and others.

Now here at Vivid Kreations the tagline is live life vividly with crochet, colour and creativity. I chose the name and tagline very carefully to reflect my view on creativity.

Vivid for it’s liveliness, it’s life in full colour and all it’s glory.

(k)Creations as I love so many art forms and could never choose just one!
And the tagline to hone in on my main focus areas which help me live my life vividly.

Now that we’ve defined creativity and you have an idea of why I feel so strongly about it, let’s look at how I plan to explore this amazing quality.

My son's most recent creative works.

Made from a wonderful Mister Maker kit.

It begins with art. I know I said it’s not confined to artistic creations but art is such a wonderful way to access our creativity, learn to think creatively and bring the benefits of creativity into our lives.

Think of how young children learn, how we teach them and you’ll see a glimpse of type of access creativity gives us to the world and to ourselves.


My plan is explore creativity by

  • trialling and sharing my experience with various art forms and creative pastimes.
  • looking into how we use creative ability outside of art.
  • learning about the positive influence it can have in our lives.


As an educator and mum I’m particularly interested in the role of creativity in learning and development for both children and adults.
As an individual I want to know more about how creativity is useful in my everyday life - my home, family, business and well being.

I hope you join me as I explore these topics and share your thoughts and experiences as we travel along. I’d also love to hear about your favourite creative pastimes and suggestions of which ones I should try.

I will be beginning with my favourite, crochet, and then I’ll probably look at the currently very popular adult colouring books (I’ve always loved colouring 💕).
From there I’m open to suggestions! Have a creative day.

Make a suggestion!

Send me a message or and suggest a creative hobby or pastime for me to try!
Or leave a comment below.

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